Some of our partners



"Greg is a true example of leading by example. He is continually stretching and learning to be a positive and powerful influence...I am always impressed with his ability to think on multiple layers on any subject which means he lives and breathes what he is learning and is not just participating in the content. I would highly recommend Greg to any organisation that is ready to learn cutting-edge content delivered with strength, congruence and integrity!"


"Greg asked the right questions from the start to help me get to the root of my work issues, quickly, efficiently and clearly. He helped me understand where my strengths lay and how to use them most effectively. Thank you very much for your support and expertise, Greg – it made all the difference!"


"Greg has left an indelible mark on my life...I have enjoyed working with him immensely. He has provided me with the opportunity to succeed and has always been there with a guiding hand."


“ There are many change management and succession-exit high end strategists in market globally. Greg is one of the best to guide and coalesce integrity driven solutions. Over several years I have witnessed Greg’s extraordinary gift of communication and ability to review all sides of an issue - be it macro or micro. As a practitioner Greg excels, as a human with values that are unwavering Greg is a stand out. I recommend any business that finds itself without a clear roadmap of succession and exit strategies reach out to Greg. Oh and a great sense of humour and wit of the written word never ceases to surprise and delight. ”


"His strength is in his approach which he tailors well to different groups, his grasp of strategy, change leadership and the leadership behaviours that get results. Staff and leaders react positively to his teaching and coaching, and he has managed to develop a good understanding and approach that is effective in developing countries." Glenn Hurry - Partner MRAG Asia-Pacific 


"Greg can simplify complex concepts to understandable terms and can collate and synthesize data to create actionable steps to achieve an end result. A highly motivated, charismatic and professional individual: Greg is one of the most valuable connections I have made in my business life and I could not recommend him more highly." Keelan Mylius - Sales Executive at Raine & Horne Commercial Brisbane North


"I would highly recommend Greg…

Greg understood our organisation and worked with our strengths and weaknesses to assist us in creating robust processes to look at the bigger picture and grow our organisation.

 Thank you for your insight and support in helping us shape our strategic direction." 
Shabnam H Ali - Business Leader | Healthcare Operations | Championing Doctors for High Performance | Recruiting Doctors for the Anchor Medical Group


" Greg is a brilliant networker and inspiring businessman. He is highly respected in the BNI community through his ability to build strong relationships based on trust. He consistently looks for ways to help other people. He has an extraordinary ability to help you get clarity and see things from a different perspective. With the right attitude and an open mind, a partnership with Greg is invaluable. 

Thank-you Greg!" Genevieve Knowles - Founder Veva | Creative Director | Brand Consultant | Graphic Designer | Brand Identity Specialist


Greg delivered a government leadership workshop for my company and did a superb job. He was great to work in the build up to the event where we collaborated on the content development, through to the delivery. The attendees gave Greg some great feedback. I thank Greg for his work and I look forward to working with him in the future. Some comments from the attendees:

 "engaging and great examples"

 "The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable and lovely. It was nice to hear about his own life experiences" 

 "Greg was a fantastic presenter"  Christopher Martin - Logical Decision Making Through Education


I enjoyed working with Greg through the CI-Q framework. He challenged my thinking and my paradigms; providing insights and techniques to sharpen the saw.

 Some of our clients, partners and testimonials" Dr Steven Austen - Company Director | Chartered Governance Professional | Business Transformation | General Management | Chief Finance Officer | Financial Planning, Analysis & Modelling