Effective Coaching Strategies to Drive Your Team to Success

Coaching challenges us about who we are becoming and it is who we are  becoming that influences what we ATTRACT into our working lives.

Excellent coaching builds awareness, empowers CHOICE and leads to CHANGE.

Effective coaching supports curiosity, enquiry, reflection and seeks to build ACCOUNTABILITY.  


Consider these practices for yourself.

Be a role model for your team

Notice your own degree of receptiveness to feedback.

Notice your own reactions to receiving feedback.

Give feedback rather than criticism.

Coach through your personal power, not positional power.

Be candid but not harsh!


Practices for your team.

Make giving and receiving feedback a regular practice.

Assess developmental opportunities with everyone.

Leverage the talent on your team for important projects.

Develop a vocabulary for acknowledging others.

Encourage a culture of coaching - peer coaching as well as your own.


The ABC Method

  • Ask more questions - 'I'd really like to hear your perspective on this?'
  • Believe in others and in their capacity to grow. 
  • Create problem-solving opportunities, help others think in new ways.


What are your ways of coaching?

Are you providing space for others to express themselves? 


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