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Teaching the science of behaviour, motivation and emotional intelligence




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Teaching the science of behaviour, motivation & emotional intelligence


What Executive Leaders Want

By: Greg Pritchard

When you build workplace relationships around the business purpose, team members produce results for clients and customers.

Business and executive leaders want an environment that produces results. Motivated employees want to work for organisations that believe what their customers believe.

Leadership behaviours that get results are sought after goals but they are rarely understood and implemented. Yet, the best business leaders seek help to achieve their best results.

Are you an executive leader or business owner who wants purpose-driven employees?

Is helping your team become better at generating results one of your priorities?

Do you want to become more effective in leading your teams, solving problems and getting results through people?

High level business goals can be achieved through planning and often the choice of a business and executive coach or mentor can be the difference between repeating the same patterns or finding a new pathway to even greater success.

Need to master change leadership, business growth, risk management, and leadership development, then working with a professional coach is the best way to achieve those goals.

Learn from an experienced leader and business coach. Call Greg Pritchard on +61411671030.


Growth, Exit and Succession

By: Greg Pritchard

Business owners can fall into the trap of working tirelessly, rarely taking days off and building the business around themselves.

What if business owners believed their business could run well without them?

And if they made all their decisions with just that in mind – then they could leave or sell the business on a timetable of their choosing.

84% of businesses never sell – they close because they are not built for sale, they do not create future value for an investor. Rather, they just create jobs for the life of the business.

What if business owners have a plan?

  • a high-level exit and succession plan
  • a plan for life after they have left the business
  • the time management of a CEO and
  • business & profit growth that is defined like a science

Then they can have a future designed for when they leave their business.

You decide, walk away with nothing from your business when you quit or plan with experts and co-design an exit and succession strategy?

Planning can be the difference between simply leaving your business, and a sale that funds a retirement from your business.

Greg Pritchard facilitates a process broken into modules. He introduces experts and provides an extensive workbook. Business owners can be guided by experts and co-design an exit and succession strategy.

Want to know more? Call Greg Pritchard on +61411671030.

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