Helping leaders build trust and gain extraordinary results.

In over 25 years as an executive leader, I have experienced the successes and challenges of managing people, implementing change and delivering results. I have led thousands of people through large restructuring and business transformation projects.

I am a leader, a social scientist and a business & executive coach certified in multiple disciplines in the science of behaviour.  My roles as a leader have included:

  • National Change and Workplace Relations Manager for the implementation of revised structures and processes in compliance sites in the Federal Department of Human Services;
  • National Operations Manager for the Qld Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal – leading the team that paid $78m in donated funds to flood victims in 2011;
  • National Project Director of digitisation projects and tools (delivering proof of concept and various redesign projects in a new processing environment for Centrelink);
  • International delegate to China recommending structures for managing fraud in medical insurance delivery for AUSAid under the China / Australia Governance Program; and
  • I have been a property & services manager, a training manager, a programs manager and I have worked with multiple consultancy firms on projects that delivered fundamental structural change.
  • Since 2012, I have worked as a Business & Executive Coach with National, International and Queensland clients, including indigenous, multi-cultural and Pacific Island organisations.

Recently I have been involved in an international project in partnership with another consultancy firm where the assignment includes a regeneration of executive leaders to focus them on transforming their organisation.

I am also supporting multiple businesses leading change, growth, exit and succession strategies.

I am a Director with Business Network International (BNI) and a business mentor in the Qld Government’s Mentoring for Growth Program.

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